Private Residence and Pergola South Africa

Finnish Thermowood solar shade and the soaring African sun. Lunawood solar shade is an endurable and elegant way of cooling buildings and patios without consuming extra energy.

Architect Earthworld Architects
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Year 2017
Photos NPP

Rotvoll Norway

Three houses with appartements
SHP 19×140 on facade and SHP 42×68 on terrace railings

Architect Treco AS
Location Ranheim, Norway
Year 2017
Photos Treco AS

Private house Norway

Finnish Lunawood Thermowood succesfully used in a project in Stjordal Norway.

Exterior cladding: Luna UTV Embossed 21×142
Terrace handrail: Luna SunDay 36/40×185
Window frames:  
Luna SHP 19×92


Architect Treco
Location Stjordal, Norway
Year 2017
Photos Treco AS

Alphen Park in Pretoria

Private residence
Solar shades Luna SHP 26x117mm

Architect André Eksteen, Earthworld Architects
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Year 2017
Photos John-Henry Roberts, PTC Construction

Sievitalo Private residence

Mikkeli Housing Fair 2017
LunaLam Profix 2 26×210

Architect Sievitalo
Location Mikkeli, Finland
Year 2017
Photos PhotoCom Oy & Sievitalo

Sauna in Finland

Private residence
Deck System Profix 3 40×185, SHP Profix 2 26×140, Parallelogram SSS 26×88

Architect Saku Heinonen
Location Lahti, Finland
Year 2017
Photos Kuvakartano

September Forest Nanjing

Finnish Lunawood Thermowood decking in a Chinese garden, harmoniously combined with rocks, water and flowers. Thermowood is chemical-free and weatherproof solution for creating the finishing touch to any outdoor surrounding.

Architect Beijing Sunshine Landscape Co.,Ltd
Location Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
Year 2017
Photos Beijing Sunshine Landscape Co.,Ltd

Lycée Français de Barcelona Nursery School

Lycée Français de Barcelona is a Nursery School designed by sustainable architecture oriented B720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos. The new school building is a result of the addition of a series of temporary buildings over many years around two villas of the early twentieth century.
The first floor of this colorful and playful building, entrance, wood decking and facade are made of Lunawood thermowood.


Architect b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Location Barcelona
Year 2017
Photos Gabarró


Lightweight sails and smooth, silver-weathered thermowood decks elegantly complement the sandy dunes and offer a perfect place to chill in this UNESCO protected area.

Location Preila, Lithuania
Year 2016
Photos Norbert Tukaj

Hotel Baraquda

Five star Hotel
Lunawood deckings

Location Pattaya, Thailand
Year 2016
Photos Lunawood

Mercat Barcelona

Commercial center
Lunawood exterior cladding

Architect Maria Manrique and Gisela Planas
Location Barcelona, Spain
Year 2016
Photos Pere Virgili

Private Villa Plusarchitects

Building: Honkatalot
Lunawood deckings and TWPC deckings, Lunawood exterior profiles

Architect Plusarchitects Ltd
Location Finland
Year 2016
Photos KUVIO Ltd

RV House

PNAM’15 prize, Private residence
Lunawood exterior cladding / untreated

Architect Marta Rocha and Fabien Vacelet
Location Gaia, Portugal
Year 2015
Photos Tiago Casanova

B Home

Design concept
Lunawood SHP 42X92 profile on facade

Architect Baragaño Architects
Location Avilés, Spain
Year 2015
Photos © Mariela Apollonio

Gêres House

Private residence
Lunawood sawn timber

Architect Carvalho Araújo
Location Vieira do Minho, Portugal
Year 2015
Photos NUDO


Private residence
Lunawood as a charred vertical cladding

Architect OLA Architects
Location Melbourne VIC, Australia
Year 2015
Photos Derek Swalwell

House on the Roof

Art Play in Moscow
Several Lunawood profiles

Architect Milodamalo Studio
Location Moscow, Russia
Year 2015
Photos Milodamalo Studio

Four Houses

Private residence
Lunawood exterior cladding / untreated
Lunawood interior panels / painted white

Architect PROD architecture & design
Location Penafiel, Portugal
Year 2014
Photos Joao Morgado

Estate Lithuania

Private Project
Luna SHP Profix 2 26×140

Architect Aketuri Architektai
Location Lithuania
Year 2014
Photos Norbert Tukaj

Office building

Project Owner: Mr. Meschyan
Lunawood exterior cladding

Architect Mr. Lahiji
Location Lahijan, Gilan, Iran
Year 2014
Photos Fidar Andishe Novin Maan

Maxx Royal Kemer

Hotel Resort
Lunawood solar shades, exterior cladding

Architect Baraka Architects
Location Kemer, Turkey
Year 2014
Photos Baraka Architects

Gafanha da Boa Hora School Center

Architect António Portugal and Manuel Maria Reis
Location Gafanha da Boa Hora, Vagos - Portugal
Year 2013
Photos Luís Ferreira Alves


Creative industries center
Luna SHP 19×117 on facade

Architect Audrius Ambrasas architetcs
Location Lithuania
Year 2013
Photos Ambraso architektų biuras

Private Project Iran

Project Owner: Mr. Saraf
Lunawood Facade

Architect Mr. Gholampour
Location Tehran, Iran
Year 2012
Photos Fidar Andishe Novin Maan

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